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JLA & The Boyz Debut in Northampton

JLA & THE BOYZ . Sept 24 2011
KARMA . Northampton, MA
Kirby Vasquez

For a band’s first official show together, the Green Room at Karma in Northampton is a great location. An intimate,comfortable environment with cool green lighting, Karma was transformed from a restaurant to a nightclub, creating a relaxed environment for Jla and theBoyz’s first concert together. This folk duo is currently composed of Jayme Aronson on vocals andStephen James on jazz guitar, though the group is looking for a drummer and a bassist. While the sound of Jla and the Boyz would be more complete with a full band, they put on a great set as a duo.
The set began with Jayme asking the crowd for three words. Among the words shouted out, Jayme chose “love” “awareness” and “rituals”, and proceeded to improvise a song about the three. The set was comprised of covers and some original songs. Particularly notable was Jla and the Boyz’s cover of the classic song “Summertime,” which featured Jayme’s smooth and smoky vocals quite well. Jayme sites Ella Fitzgerald, Ella James,Ani DiFranco, and Evanesence as her primary musical influences, and these influences clearly resonate in Jayme’s jazzy vocals and poetic lyrics. At times, the show was very reminiscentof spoken word poetry. Stephen, a very talented jazz guitarist, finds his musical inspiration in the Beatles, and even hosted a Beatles themed radio show on his college radio station, BIRN.
Though Jla and the Boyz hail from Boston, they chose to play their first official showin Northampton because of the town’s environment and because it is a greatplace for music. As Jla and the Boyz continue to build on their sound, you should definitely stay tuned to see what they come out with! For more information on this promising band, check out their website: here.
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